by Cult Vacation

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released November 30, 2015

Christian Velasco-Mills: guitar
Jericho Apollo Walker-Roberts: guitar
Quinn McGovern: drums, piano
Tommy Ordway: bass

Recorded & Mastered by Daniel Carr in Blind Moose Studios
Produced by Daniel Carr and Cult Vacation

Artwork photographed & modeled by Gregory White
Lettering by Agatha Monasterios-Ramirez



all rights reserved


Cult Vacation New York, New York

c o l d

v a c a t i o n

jericho apollo
quinn mcgovern
kelly morales
tommy ordway
christian vm

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Track Name: Eyes on Fire
Bright lights blind me
My eyes are on fire
Too many hours
And not enough shelter
Rolling and falling
God knows forever
Long old time since we've
Seen each other

Burning a hole in
The sky to let some space in
For me tonight
My eyes are on fire

Stars would fall if not for
Isaac Newton
And his obvious
I guess we didn't give a fuck about rules like

And now I can't breath
My world is on fire
And your mom is a liar

Don't dry your tears yet
The night isn't over
Can't get to sleep it's just
Too damn sweltering
Asteroids bombarding me
Feels like Mercury

Burning a hole in
The sky to let some space in
For me tonight

My eyes are on fire
Track Name: the Zone
i wont hang up on you tonight!
no, not tonight! nope, i feel alright
but i reserve the right to not pick up the phone
when im “in the Zone”

but if u want me to
ill go mmhmmmmmm

muddy water on my shirt?!?!
lets have a toussle in the dirt
everybody thinks im dumb...
but im just soaking up the sun
Track Name: BF
I cant see you wanting me x 2
Cuz you gotta boyfriend
Yea you gotta boyfriend

Oooh x 4

I tell you that’s some relief x 2
Cuz you make me nervous
Yea you make me nervous

Oooh x 4

You don’t need to say
The things you do
Make me go crazy
X 2

Something thumps underneath where my heart goes
Haven’t felt like this in so long

Why love somebody end up alone x 3